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Digitech- Delivering the best practices and processes laid software solutions to seamlessly work as per the challenges of the banking and financial setup. We are a brand; you can surely bank upon.

Make a smarter choice to BANK upon for Banking & Financial services

Banking and finance sector need a seamless assistance that stands strong in all aspects of the business. Even a single glitch can cost millions. Switch to a smarter choice with Digitech’s software solutions that are at par with the industry standards and 100% feasible as per the day to day challenges in the similar sector.

Combat the quick response needs, channelized settings, robust process flow and uninterrupted 24X7 accessibility with our upgraded and technologically updated systems for an easier workflow in the banking and finance sector.


Domains We Expertise In

Keeping updated with the current industry tech needs, we are an expert in it.

Mobile Banking Apps

Enjoy on the go mobile apps to take your banking systems with you wherever you go. Make it easier for users to access and control their banking systems with our reliable banking apps that will surely make a difference.

EMV Solutions

Carry payments and transactions with your cards, seamless in a 100% protected environment with our encrypted apps that allows exclusive access to the authentic users. Well integrated and secure transaction systems associated with our EMV solutions.

Financial Accounting Apps

Gain access to multiple actions with just a single app that can take care of all your financial accounting needs right from checking balances, viewing the transactions, investments, debit, and credit scores, etc.

Integration & Migration

Manage all your cross-border banking and financial integration and migration with complete ease. We offer applications that easily integrate your needs and requirements as and when needed during a banking transaction, abroad via our interconnected functionalities for an easier workflow.

Technologies We Use at Digitech

Digitech makes use of the most updated and technically sound frameworks to develop software solutions for banking & finance sectors that can keep up with the day to day challenges of the domain.


Use of the most updated UI/UX frameworks to match the needs and standards of the banking sector to the fullest.

Front-End Development

User friendly front end setup, powered by the best technology frameworks to foster faster banking processes and functions.

Back-End Development

Strong back-end support to help a seamless functioning of the banking and financial management system at par with the industry standards.

eCommerce & CMS

Highly functional and revenue generating eCommerce & CMS setup to deliver the most updated and upgraded systems for banking and financial business.

App Development

Strategic application development process to ensure only the most applicable and high performing software solutions make way to the clients.


Streamlined testing at all stages to debug the errors and deliver a full proof software solution for every business model.

Why choose Digitech?

Choosing Digitech as your technology partner for creating some of the most impressive software solutions will surely open doors of success for your business.

Flexible Models

Custom defined flexible models to fulfil the needs of the clients and stay at par with their expectations and business needs.

Competitive Pricing

Cost effective software applications that hold a competitive pricing over other similar ones to match with the expectations of the client and improve their returns .

Satisfied Customers

100% satisfied customers experiencing the art of easy handling of multiple jobs and effortless juggling between various functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let your questions find the right answers at Digitech!

How much time would an application need to get developed for banking or finance sector?
The standard time needed for an app development ranges between 20 to 30 days. An estimated deadline can be promised based on the requisites of the project. However, Digitech is well known for its strict timelines.
How much will the applications development or website development cost for me?
Digitech always focuses on developing a 100% cost efficient software solution that helps the brands earn out of it. The cost would vary based on the type, frameworks, and the required features in it.
Are there dedicated developers who will cater to my project needs and features?
Yes! Digitech provides a team of dedicated developers, designers, etc. who collaborate to complete the project on time. You will always have a dedicated teammate who will remain in touch with you for the regular updates and query handling as and when required.
How efficient are banking and finance applications for every day workings of the banking and financial domain?
With the banking and finance system going digital, an accessibility factor from global columns is the prime concern for all. At Digitech, we offer such a robust system that collaborates these factors under one sky and offers complete access to the benefits of a sustainable banking/ finance system with complete ease and aptness.
What are the best technologies that can be used for creating banking and finance based software solutions?
Digitech uses the best technology frameworks like - Figma, Adobe XD, Invision, Adobe Illustrator, Zeplin, Mongo, HTML, MERN, MEAN, React.Js, Angular Node.js, PHP, Laravel, Python, Symfony, LAMP, Node.js, CodeIgniter, Cake PHP, WP eCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, iOS, Android, Flutter App, JMeter, Jenkins, TestNG, etc. to create the most apt, secure and highly efficient system for the banking and finance sector.

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