Wish to be a leading educational body reaching to millions and connecting multiple students and teachers from different streams under a single roof? You are at the right place!

Bringing Mobility Solution For Education

Mobility and accessibility on the go is the biggest need in the current educational world and educational apps are the perfect fit to it. Redefining the standards of gaining access to the right of education from the top trainers, across the globe becomes possible with us.

At Digitech, we are setting our success foot in creating some of the most promising and well performing educational applications that act as the best medium for both students and teachers. Upgraded as per the current technology standards, they are powered by the creative designs, eLearning tools and not to forget the impressive outlook.


Our Domain Expertise

Education solutions backed by expertise of updated technologies.

Education Portal Development

Devised to make education and learning accessible across varied locations, our portals are truly a boon for the education industry. Get real-time, geographically sustained, and features-oriented app with separate sections for an amazing experience for the students and trainers. 100% customizable for adding up additional features, throughout.

Learning Management System

Backed by the best backend support, offering a learning system that offers a perfect platform to exchange ideas and opens a new world of seamless learning, throughout. Simplified front end, dashboard support, seamless functioning with authorized access only based validation support system for a 100% secure environment of learning.

mLearning Solutions

Crafting mLearning solutions to offer a significant level of mobile-based virtual learning assistance that can be easily deployed as per need. Added features with versatile functions and flexible ad-on options for expansion on a broader scale, in future.

eLearning Applications

eLearning apps enabled with features needed for all types of students’ group. Use of video, audio, and other significant ways of learning and teaching online for both normal and differently abled students, for offering an on-the-go facility to learn on a global scale.

Innovative Technologies We Use

Adaptive learning needs the use of the most innovative technologies to comprehend and create the most suitable apps. We understand and make use of the current technologies in trend for superior results.


Expert and highly creative team of UI/UX developers, delivering the exact designs as per client’s ideas and expectations.

Front-End Development

Fantastic front-end designs, alluring the students and teachers, all together, while offering a simple to use platform for ease of access.

Back-End Development

Sound back-end development for a powerful record keeping, tracking, report generation, etc.

eCommerce & CMS

Make your efforts count in the form of revenues you earn with our significant eCommerce and CMS enabled frameworks.

App Development

100% dedicated developers, who are masters in their fields to deliver the best apps with the least turnaround time.


Testing all possible errors or bugs at all levels to keep up with our promise of delivering a well-integrated app.

Make a Difference Choose Digitech

Digitech- We promise to deliver the best!

On-time Delivery

Our promise of on-time delivery remains intact throughout with a highly-focused mind and dedicated developers on a continuous basis.

Dedicated Developers

Individually dedicated developers for individual projects for a pacified development speed without compromise on the quality and performance levels.

Agile Methodology

Incorporating Agile methodology for a faster and result-oriented work framework for reducing the turnaround time of project delivery at Digitech.

Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions will be answered at Digitech!

What are the best tools for eLearning development platforms?
Some of the best tools Digitech uses for developing the best eLearning development platforms includes- Figma, Adobe XD, Invision, Adobe Illustrator, Zeplin, Mongo, HTML, MERN, MEAN, React.Js, Angular Node.js, PHP, Laravel, Python, Symfony, LAMP, Node.js, CodeIgniter, Cake PHP, WP eCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, iOS, Android, Flutter App, JMeter, Jenkins, TestNG, etc.
How do I hire someone to create my education app at Digitech?
It is very simple to hire our teammates to help your create the right idea and develop your application or website at Digitech. All you got to do is get in touch and we shall help your sail through.
How will educational apps help in my business?
Educational apps are becoming the foundation of every education business setup. With an app, you can easily keep your system digitalized. You can help your users gain easy access to education and stay informed about all the upcoming news and information, as well.
What will be the cost incurred in getting an education app developed?
The overall cost of getting an education app developed entirely depends on the type of app and the required features one is looking for in their app. Our associates will help you in this concern.

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