Privacy Policy

Privacy is the right of every individual. At Digitechware it’s our prime aim to respect and preserve crucial personal information of our business associates, clients and several others while in use across our websites, products or any online services.

DigitechWare truly believes in delivering the most innovative and responsive IT solutions and services without compromising on preserving the privacy standards of our clients and other associates. We work in a completely protected environment that restricts all kinds of unwanted access to any personal details during the website navigation or online activities, performed in our space. Respecting your privacy rights, this applies across all our platforms in both online and offline mode.

The user information shared with us is highly crucial, remains classified and entirely restricted to use only for the encrypted identification process. Be rest assured with us as all kinds of data and information shared on our platform remains covered under our privacy statement. Our legal expertshave created this exclusive privacy policy to help the users benefit and stay free from any tensions of breach of information. Any type of personal information including user’s identity, contact details, or location remains encrypted and private with us. We request you to kindly go through our privacy policy, carefully to help you understand how a user information is used at our side.


Working under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 act, we adhere all kinds of priority regulations under the same. Lawfully abiding to the same, we ensure all kinds of measures are undertaken to ensure applicability of the same. However, for any further clarity, feel free to connect with us at _________________.

Information We Collect About You

Following types of user information is collected by us:

  • User name, phone number, and email address
  • Any other relevant information that might correspond to the user but, isn’t individually identifying the person like the company name, role and responsibility, etc.

How We Collect Information?

Our information collection works in the following ways-

  • Self-information shared by the user
  • Auto-collection during the site navigation in the form of IP addresses, web beacons, cookies, and several other tracking technologies.

Information You Provide To Us

The information received through our website includes:

  • Information shared during online forms filling and registration, subscription to the newsletters, blogs, feedback sharing, requesting questions, job application, request for a demo, etc.
  • Users’ name, phone no., location, address, company name, email address, etc.
  • Users’ correspondence details like email address or phone number from contact us page.
  • Users’ additional information from their submitted resumes. However, all your details are protected under our confidently norms and exclusively used for employment purposes, only. No information sharing with the third parties or external agencies are practiced.

Information We Collect Through Automatic Data Collection Technologies

Users generally tend to share automated information while navigating our website. Such automatically generated data is collected through our installed technologies which includes-

  • Comprehensive details of internet connection and user’s computer, which includes- type of browser in use, the operating system, user IP address, or domain.
  • All kinds of user information shared while browsing the website including user’s location, traffic data, communication data, or browsing logs.

Technologies we use to collect data include:

User information – Mainly collects details across user’s mobile device or web browser, every time they access our website.


Log files – Collecting demographics and location-specific information including- user’s age, gender, ZIP codes, favourites, interests, associated names, etc.

Cookies – Our cookies remain stored in the web browsers by the webserver which helps users to easily navigating through our website.


Web beacons/web bugs in emails – Collecting data using small electronic files called the web beacons or web bugs associated with our web pages on the emails. However, these are 100% secure and not spam.


Local shared object and flash cookies – Collecting data using our localized features on our websites to store information for navigation purposes, only.

Data Privacy:

Every single user information, lawfully collected with us isn’t used for any trading or business purposes. None of the information is shared with any third party for commercial gains. Our updated technologies work as a protective firewall to protect any breach of personal data with ensured privacy and restricted access.

Why We Use Your Data

Digitech respects the privacy rights of personal data shared by our clients and uses it for legitimate requirements, only. We use every information shared with us entirely for efficient delivery, abiding to the law of the land.

Information shared with us is primarily use for:

  • For seamless services providing
  • For regular product and services updates
  • For enhanced communication
  • For appropriate requirement analysis of individual client.

Feel free to reach us in case of any queries on our privacy policy. Our team will address and assist your queries in every aspect.

Refund Policy

At Digitechware, we operate successfully across the global platform which makes our privacy endurance responsibilities, even higher. Our services cover IT consulting services, Mobile Applications development, Web Development, UI/UX designing, etc. We take pride in serving thousands of satisfied clients since long. Our prime aim is to work in-line with our organizational objectives without compromising on data privacy of all our users to maintain our value-based relationship, as always. In case of unsatisfied services, we promise to refund the legitimate investments in any case, which is very rare.